"Fiction gives us empathy: it puts us inside the minds of ther people, gives us the gift of seeing the world through there eyes. Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over."
– Niel Gaiman (from the introduction to Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury)

Sweater Weather

Just a little fluffy drabble written by me because I get bored and the weater inspired me :)
It hasn’t been read over by anyone but me, so here goes nothing…


I would say it was cold, but that would be an understatement.
I should have worn jeans today, I can feel myself getting sick and it’s only September, but what was I supposed to think? Yesterday was nearly blistering and I had worn jeans. Today, I wore shorts and, of course, it’s freezing.
I get closer to the school, eager for warmth. As I get closer to the building, I feel myself growing excited to get inside.
Almost there, just a few more steps…
And, of course, they have the air conditioning blasting inside.
“Shit.” I mumble to myself as I wander down the hall to where I meet my friends before school.
Why didn’t I bring a sweater? The weather has been up and down all year!
“Morning, Brainless.” Johanna to looks me up and down from her seat on the floor next to Gale’s feet as I approach her and the rest of our group. “Don’t you check the weather in the morning?”
I scowl. “You’re wearing less than me, how are you not freezing?” I ask, eyeing the too-short shorts and lace camisole she has on. I can’t help but notice how congested I sound when I talk.
“Please,” she scoffs. “My heart is colder than this temperature. I’m used to it.” She shrugs. “You seriously look freezing, though.”
“I’ll be fine.” I mumble.
“Are you sure Catnip? You sound like you’re getting sick.” Gale says, stating the obvious.
“I’m okay, it’s just a cold.” I say, turning to face Peeta.
“Hey,” he says, standing and running his hands up and down my arms, only sending more shivers through me.
“You look cold.”
My teeth chatter in response, “Thanks, I didn’t notice.” I scowl and sneeze. He laughs.
“You want my sweater?” Of course he’s going to sacrifice his warmth for me.
“No, I’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want you getting sick…”
“I’m okay.” I assure him, looking up towards his face as he kisses my nose. He wraps his arms around me, encasing me in his warmth. He slides down to the floor to sit, pulling me down to sit between his legs.
“You sure?” He mumbles as he kisses my hair.
“Positive.” My eyes close and I listen to his heartbeat as he talks to Gale and Johanna.
They continue to chatter as Finnick and Annie show up, and Peeta keeps his arms wrapped around me even when I turn to converse with my friends.
“Woah, Kat.” Finnick says when he and Annie show up. “Holy goosebumps!” He pokes my arm after sitting down and chuckles.
“Shut up.” I sniffle.
“Woah, you don’t sound so good. Are you getting sick?” Annie feels my forehead.
“Probably. But I have a Pre-Calc test today and I can’t miss it.”
She nods in understanding and I feel Peeta withdrawal his arms from me. Just when I’m about to turn around to question him, I have a sweatshirt being pulled over my head.
“There,” Peeta whispers in my ear. “Nice and warm.” He wraps his arms back around me, holding me back against his chest as I regain feeling in my arms.
“Aw, aren’t you two just the cutest?” Johanna deadpans and pretends to gag herself after.
“Thank you,” I say to Peeta.
He kisses me once, chaste and sweet.
“Anything to keep your fire going.”

  • Winds: Yes.
  • Color Guard: Yes.
  • Battery and Pit: Yeah.
  • Drum Majors and Pit: *Nodding*
  • Director: *Turns to asst. director* Did I tell them to keep on going?
  • Asst. Director: *Tries to speak quietly* Yes..you kinda did.